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Terms and Conditions

General Information and Purchase Terms

In the online shop of Pro Road Bike Kft., purchasing is only ONLINE.

The Pro Road Bike Kft. Webshop is only for registered users. Registration requires acceptene of Terms and Conditions.

Once the order is finalized, the system will once again accept purchase terms.

Order process:

  • Select products and put them in your cart
  • Create account
  • Register an email address
  • Enter personal information
  • Enter address
  • Enter a shipping address
  • Choose a payment option 
  • Payment

After the order and payment, the system sends an informative email to the user-customer. Information on the order and the expected time of delivery. If you have ordered and didn't received a confirmation email please contact

For some products, there may be a discrepancy between the image and the description of the product. We can not completely filter out these, so we ask everyone to email us before buying.

Pro Road Bike Ltd. as an Operator and Company, as well as a Webshop and Internet Business, is in no way responsible for any of the following points, for whatever reason:

any data sent and / or received on the Internet. Any malfunctions in the internet network that prevent the Pro Road Bike Kft webshop from shopping. Any malfunction in any communication device. Any letter - whether it is in a traditional or electronic format - but most of all loss of data. Inappropriate operation of any software. Any consequence of any program error, abnormal event, or technical error.

Pro Road Bike Ltd. may at any time modify the terms and conditions of purchase in any form whatsoever, in terms of prices, actions and time limits.

In the event that the buyer fails to comply with the Terms of Condition, Pro Road Bike Ltd. is entitled to exclude from the system - it may suspend registration or cancel it.


Only registered users can buy at the webshop. Properly filling the registration form is the responsibility of the user. Verifying the accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the user. Erroneous - Insufficient registration data sheet with incorrect data is deleted.

On stock 

On stock button mean when color is orange:

Delivery time min 5-15 days

On stock button mean when color is green:

Delivery time max 48 hours

If you would like any other delivery deadline, please contact Customer Service at

Package Acceptance Modes

The products ordered on Pro Road Bike Kft. Side are delivered to both domestic and foreign countries by DPD courier service.

Payment methods

In our system, you can choose from the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer

Pay Pal 

Otp Simple from 15.03.2017


Right of withdrawal

The buyer (if not a legal person) is entitled to cancel after the order but before the delivery. You can report this claim by e-mail or phone. Please note that e-mails often circulate between servers for a long time, so that we can accept the actual time of your arrival in our correspondent program and not the mailing of the letter.

The buyer may withdraw from the purchase within 30 - thirty working days of receipt of the product and return the product within this deadline according to Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) on distance contracts. The buyer shall bear the costs incurred in returning the goods due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

Right of withdrawal applies to all buyers (if not a legal entity), but can only be enforced if the product is tried or tested (new product). In the case of a product already in use, the right of withdrawal can not be enforced but, of course, with jointly agreed depreciation, the product can in most cases be repurchased or counted in other products.

If the buyer withdraws, the buyer reimburses the value of the goods without delay but within 30 days at the latest. The seller reimburses the purchase price for this item based on the return of the seller, without the use of a product that is completely damaged and without any damage.

If you need to change your size, you can report this to our Customer Service, in such cases the deadline may change flexibly, and you can also return the original goods backpack.

Warranty conditions

In Pro Road Bike Kft's webshop we only sell Vision, Full Speed ​​Ahead, Limar and Prologo products. We provide manufacturers warranty. See the warranty page for more information.

Products purchased at the webshop are governed and enforced by Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22.) on durable goods. The warranty period is 1, one year. The warranty period is the transfer of the consumer item to the User, or if the service is commissioned by the Service Provider or its agent,commencement date.

If the User validates replacement requests within three working days of the purchase due to a defect in the consumable product, the Service Provider may not refer to the Civil Code. (1) (a) of Section 306, it is obliged to replace the consumable item, provided that the defect prevents its intended use.

Act No 49/2003 on the management of warranty and warranty claims under the Consumer Contract. (VII.30.) GKM, the Service Provider acts in accordance with the rules of the Regulation for the purposes of defective performance or legal warranty, and does not depart from the user's disadvantage.

The shipping costs of the products returned due to the warranty is the buyers responsibility.

The seller must replace the purchased products only if they are proven to be defective.

We only accept products sent back to you via a block or invoice, and you will also need to have a detailed description of the problem at hand (form can be downloaded here)!

Returning products

The shipping costs of the returned items will be refunded only in case of warranty, in accordance with the applicable laws. Since we can only be sure of this afterwards, we will not be able to accept packages sent back to us.

Attention! According to Post's new GCC, only small sized packages (smaller than 324x229x24 mm) can be sent as postal mail, larger mail can only be mailed as a package or can be delivered as a packet for home delivery! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are returning a product.

Before returning please feel free to contact us if you are unsure or in choosing the cheapest way of transport!

Data protection

The use of personal information by buyers is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Each participant has the right to access, correct or delete any or all of the information provided by him / her, with the exception of the billing data (copies of the invoices) which are kept by the Accounting Act.

The seller stores the buyer's data in order to perform the contract and for later proof of the terms of the contract, or for subcontractors (eg Post Office). Subcontractors do not have the right to retain, use, or transfer to any other person any personal data provided by the seller.

Data transfer statement

By clicking the Redirect button the Customer accepts Pro Road Bike Kft ((Budapest 1149 Egressy út 178/D)) at to provide the following personal data stored in its user database to OTP Mobile Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 30-32.) Provided data: family name, given name, country, phone number, e-mail address. 

The purpose of data transmission: customer support for users, confirming transactions and fraud-monitoring for users defence.