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  • Gossamer Pro BK-RO-6021 The new-for-2016 design sees the Gossamer Pro gain in both stiffness and wide-rim capacity. Its lightweight dual-pivot layout turns on quality thrust bearings, minimising friction and boosting modulation, while stainless main pivot bolts provide ultimate strength. Cable attachment hardware is also stainless for true longevity. The...

    17 500 Ft
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  • K-FORCE DUAL PIVOT BK-RO-8210 The all-new K-Force brakeset combines muscular power with truly fine control. Optimised for today’s wide rims, all excess has been trimmed from our most advanced, dual-pivot design yet. The sculpted, low-profile alloy arms have been upgraded to box-section. Their resistance to flex is the secret of the K-Force’s unrivalled...

    78 800 Ft
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items